Biweekly Report of Double Protocol (Feb 24 — March 31)

Hi, Doublers!

How time flies!

One month after we met each other in the Hunt Me Down event. During this month, we met 552 new Doublers on Twitter and 7 of them became our volunteers. We also had an unforgettable night in the Give Peace A Chance event and 383 community members signed the guest book and 400 poaps were claimed within 1 hour.

Besides all above, the protocol is being developed intensively. The sublease function is now live. And WE PROPOSED A NEW EIP: EIP4907. As you all know, we are integrating with Warena. And you can expect Warena props rentable at the end of April. So excited about the new features of these rental pieces. Right? For more details, let’s see the whole report!

Product Function Update

  • NFT subletting function is live
  • Set operator function is live
  • Refactored backpack page
  • Added site-wide notification function
  • Add maintenance function and page for service suspension
  • Support product research, prototype design and requirement review of multi-chain function
  • Optimization of details page to improve data loading speed

Contract Development Progress

  • Submit the new NFT standard proposed by Double Protocol: EIP 4907

  • Finish the design of Warena integration solutions
  • Support multi-currency and ERC20 in the market contract
  • Transfer of royalty-related data to doNFT contracts, which could be set up by the project owner.
  • Scalable contract solution for both doNFT and Market contracts
  • Optimise the doNFT Factory contracts to allow third parties to create WrapDualRole NFT and doNFT Proxy

Community Events

Hunt Me Down

  • Started on February 24th and ended on March 3rd. We asked the community to take a selfie with our Double Billboard in Decentraland and tweet and tag us on Twitter. The prize pool was 700 USDT and 3D wearables.

Give Peace A Chance

  • On March 3rd, we started a special event in Decentraland called Give Peace A Chance. It was a march for Peace to support Ukraine. We gave our participants a route map and at the end point we gifted them with a poap. 400 poaps were minted.


  • Partnered with Warena.
  • Partnered with Bitmetis.


We raised $1.5m from our investors:

  • Matrixport, Shima Capital, Youbi Capital, LucidBlue, Red Building, Capital 6 Eagle, Plancker DAO, Steve Guo from Loopring, Tony Gu from NGC Ventures and Mr.Block.


Volunteer Program

  • A volunteer program was created to aid in the growth of our community. We welcomed 7 new members to our volunteer list.
  • We thank the contribution of volunteer: gamesms. He proposed the giveaway channel in our discord. And we put it into practice and our community members like it!

Social Media Count (As of March 31, 2022)

This biweekly report demonstrates the strength and dedication of the Double NFT Rental Protocol team. We will continue to work in unison to provide to our backers and community.

That’s all for this biweekly report, a little longer than it’s supposed to be though.

See you in the next episode!



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